Seven Productive Steps That Will Help You Qualify For a Job Even Without the Experience


Do you have your eyes on a big job but don’t have enough experience? Securing a good job is like a dream come true for every one of us yet it often isn’t as easy as it may look. Education is one thing and getting the right job is another. Grades hardly pay any substantial role in making you a potential employee. If you are a recent graduate then you would be familiar with this hustle and might be finding it hard to get the job of your dream. What should you do? Is there a way out? Let us take you on an informative journey that will be helpful in securing your desired job position.

Entry level job opportunities are becoming rarest of rare now which is causing both frustration and disappointment in recent graduates. A majority of them falls in an endless rut of having no experience and no job. This makes for a career emergency situation and requires a strategic approach in order to find the first job. Don’t be disappointed, with an effective plan and a few right steps at the right time you will be able to find what you really want.

Here are seven productive steps that are going to help you out:


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Build your experience on your own – Don’t have sufficient experience, how about building it on your own? Education is certainly not equivalent to experience but when you are skilled enough you can certainly create the experience on your own. Depending on what skill you have, you can start working on acquiring your experience yourself. Volunteer, create a venture or even write if your preferred job demands it.

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Build a resume highlighting your strengths – This is possibly a step that most of us take but we hardly do it right. Focus on building a resume that is concise, impressive, and highlights all your strengths in an effective manner. Headed an event at college? Highlight it as the leadership skill. Even small accomplishment will greatly add up to your resume’s strength.

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Get certified – Having a certification boosts your resume for good and provides you the edge over all the other inexperienced candidates. Remember, it is the skills that count the most and you must display them to the best of your abilities. You can research the certifications that are required for your chosen industry, especially if its IT.

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Start building your network – Believe it or not, networking skills plays a great role in landing you your first job. You may not know about the possible opportunities and job options available. Therefore, you must pay attention to developing effective networking skills and connecting with as many working professionals. It can be your seniors, teachers, or friends as they will surely help you in getting connected.

Ignore the requirements listed – If you are going the conventional way then chances are that you would be exploring different job portals. You might also be coming across job opportunities that are overly demanding in terms of skill sets. Even a junior position or a trainee position can be overwhelmingly demanding. The key is to ignore what’s written and focus on how you can actually display the skill set for the job.

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Seize the first opportunity – Being particular about a job option is good however it is great not to be overly demanding when you are just starting out. Seize the first opportunity that strikes and makes it better in every possible manner. Take it as a challenge to learn even if you get an opportunity to work with a small team.

success is target
success is target

Focus on long term goals – The key to building a successful career is to make short and long term goals for your future. This begins with planning right, assessing skill set, and framing the path with experience. You have to build a blueprint for your career first and then have to take the right steps to accomplish all the goals that come your way.

Stay positive and determined when

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