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Six Pledges That Every Student Needs To Make On 70th Independence Day


We are going to celebrate our 70th independence day on 15th of this month. It certainly is a special day on its own and makes us wonder about the journey that we took as a nation. The day serves as a reminder of knowing our rights as well as duties towards our country. It also enables us to realize our true love towards the nation and inspires us to aim high enough.

We constantly come across issues and problems that we face as a nation. Despite progressing at a great rate, we are still facing the evils of illiteracy, poverty, and communalism every day. This makes us question about our progress and how non-uniformly it has accomplished for us. Can we really make a change? Should we stop procrastinating and start trying? Well, indeed!

With independence comes the opportunity to strive for better and to make the most out of what we got. It’s time we quit complaining and take a few pledges to make our nation better. Only we can lay the foundation for a progressive future and students will act as a catalyst for change.

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Here are six pledges that you can take on this Independence Day for a promising future of the nation:

Let’s make our nation a clean one – Sanitation is the biggest concern of our nation and not everyone is privileged enough of living in such surrounding. Make a pledge to keep your surroundings clean whether in school or at home.

Let’s fight the poverty – India is still struggling with poverty just the way it used to in the past. Even today, 21.9% of our population is below the poverty line and we can only fight it by taking a pledge to fight corruption and many such social evils.

Let’s promote education – We have the second highest population in the world yet a major chunk of our citizens are illiterate. Education is the only weapon by which we may change the fate of our nation and we should take a pledge to educate ourselves and everyone around us.

Let’s protect our environment – In our chase to provide to our growing population, we have forgotten the kind of damage we are bringing to our environment. Take a pledge to save fuel, find alternative environment-friendly fuel and protect resources for upcoming generations.

Let’s innovate – We have the second highest population in the world yet we hardly innovate. Most of our technology comes from developed countries and therefore we need to take a pledge to innovate on our own.

Let’s practice equality – We are the most prominent nation keeping millions of linguistic and cultural groups together but we rarely practice equality. Take a pledge to fight inequality at all levels, whether in school or in your locality.

We all are free to make a decision not just for ourselves but also for the nation. Let’s make it a good one that we can rejoice!

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