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‘Schoolam’ is a first integrated “ONE-STOP- K12 SEGMENT-SOLUTION” available online making ‘School’ selection easy for Parents & Students’ and bridging the gap between the two.

Launched in 2016, ‘Schoolam’ has been sought after looking for an urgent requirement of an online platform to bridge gap between parents and schools, providing both emotional and functional benefits from parents and schools respectively.

  • Mission– Provide an organized and trustworthy platform for parents and schools with both functional and emotional benefits.
  • Objective – Development of a highly accessible and trustworthy portal & be a leader in K12 segment classifieds initially in India.

Our portal which is a mobile friendly website is a repository of reliable and authentic information for Schools across. We offer specific information for parents and students a wholesome directory of all schools, distant and nearby, with complete information about category, fees, features, facilities, location, contact details etc. where they can ‘surf, shortlist, compare and select’ schools

Education seekers get a personalized experience on our site, based on relevant features and filters enabling them to make well informed and intelligent decisions.

The decision making is empowered with easy access to each and every detailed information on:

  • Schools Admission Procedure, Eligibility, Fees, Placement, Category, Type, Contact Details, Rankings, Reviews, Events, Q&A with schools directly etc.
  • You want to get an Admission Alert – We are at your Service
  • You have a query about school, we will serve you
  • You will get authentic and genuine reviews to help you make up your mind
  • We always welcome your feedback and suggestion so as to grow together as a family
  • And as we grow together, we will have more products, forums, interactive sessions and webinars with experts answering your queries